Can you prevent sexual assault?

Vigilance is key. Remember: most victims of sexual assault knew their assailant.

In Québec, 69% of sexual assaults…

  • take place in private residences
  • involve victims under the age of 18

Sexual assaults against young girls most often take place in the family home and are committed by people such as the victim’s:

  • Uncle, cousin, brother, friend, father, mother’s partner, etc.

Sexual assaults against young boys most often take place outside the family home and are committed by people such as the victim’s:

  • Coach, teacher, etc.

In general, sexual offenders are almost exclusively male, and are mostly adults of sound mind. They can be a:

  • Partner/spouse, friend, acquaintance, professional, colleague, employer, classmate, neighbour, family member

In Québec, various organizations and groups in the public, parapublic, community and private sectors are mobilizing their efforts to reduce the number of sexual assaults in all settings.

  • The risk of sexual assault is highest for children and young people under the age of 18. For that reason, it is important for them and for those with responsibilities in settings where they are present to be aware of the importance of prevention. One important group working throughout Québec to prevent violence, including sexual assault, is the Regroupement des organismes Espace du Québec (, which is an umbrella organization that unites all the Espace organizations.

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