Are you a victim?

Tell someone!

Deciding to talk about your sexual assault is not always an easy decision. However, sexual assault is a crime that occurs, and continues to occur, in part because of the victims’ silence. Getting help as soon as possible will mitigate the consequences of the assault and break your isolation.


Reduce the pervasive consequences of sexual assault by acting quickly!

In general, victims can experience…

Physical problems like:

  • Headaches and fatigue, insomnia and nightmares, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, injuries, pain

Psychological problems like:

  • Sadness, depression, feelings of guilt, anger and rage, fear, low self-esteem, shame, feeling down, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation

Eating disorders like:

  • Anorexia, bulimia

Abuse problems with:

  • Alcohol, drugs, gambling, medications

Relationship problems with:

  • Family, friends, partner/spouse

Frustration or anxiety caused by:

  • Legal proceedings, a trial, testifying in court

Economic, social or family problems like:

  • Rejection by friends, difficulty at work, loss of earnings


These different problems develop at different times; they can occur immediately after the sexual assault or many years later.

Getting help as quickly as possible can mitigate the consequences and break the isolation.


Help for victims

Whether you are a child, adolescent or adult, and whether you are male or female, help is available to you at all times. There are many professionals in the public, semi-public and community services networks who have received special training to help you.


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